Hima Tammineedi


Hi, my name is Hima. I like creating the future.

Now: Thinking.
Past: I discovered games, then technology, and then the rest of the world.
Always: if you ever want to talk, or if I can help in any way.
Currently thinking about: how developing countries can capture more of the value in their supply chains, how countries can become more self-sufficient, sub-vocalization devices, voice assistants.

Never before in human history has one person been able to affect the lives of billions of people all at once.

My goals all revolve around using this fact to achieve what our ancestors could not have before. I believe we can fundamentally change so much, together. Towards this end, I am now trying to figure out the ways in which not only I will achieve this, but also how I can help everyone else increase their ability to effect change as well. I believe that most people are not even aware of what they could be doing. I want to raise ambitions while achieving my own.

In order to ensure others can achieve, I helped run Sponsr.Us, a national non-profit helping young students everywhere create projects that help their communities, at Schwarzman College a few friends and I started a startup incubator to help others fully utilize the time and resources they have in one magical year, and I also worked on games to help children in developing countries teach themselves literacy and numeracy (our RoboTutor team ended up as one of the five finalists in the Global Learning XPrize).

I've also created a bunch of fun things, always making something from nothing. Previously, I started a team that built one of the first autonomous, agricultural drones for which we received a provisional patent, worked as an ML researcher under Prof. William Cohen, started a company to alleviate our world's mineral scarcity issues, and worked at a bunch of companies making things like autonomous drones, large-scale demand prediction systems, and self-driving cars. Fun! But, I'd much more like to hear about , since whoever you are that is reading this, I have a lot to learn from you.

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